Architectural Leadership

Stacy A. Bourne, FAIA has significantly furthered the profession by increasing representation, advancing diversity and fostering inclusion, nationally, regionally and locally, through building collaborative relationships and expanding the architectural body of knowledge.


Ms. Bourne’s exemplary leadership, through ground breaking initiatives promoting diversity, establishing a framework for Caribbean architectural culture, providing knowledge through civic engagement, and her own built work have earned her consistent recognition, with media and colleagues praising her many achievements

Representation, Diversity and Inclusion


In her years of dedicated support, Ms. Bourne sponsored, lobbied and furthered the cause of increasing representation, advancing diversity and fostering inclusion in the profession and AIA. Her leadership was a key element in major events such as the Diversity Action Plan, Gateway Commitment, AIA/NOMA Memorandum of Understanding, Women's Leadership Summits, numerous convention events, and mentorship programs, for the enrichment of diversity in the profession. Their success, speaks clearly of her power of persuasion and diplomatic demeanor, establishing Ms. Bourne as a leader at the National level.


Promoting Regional Architectural Relationships


Ms. Bourne pioneered the fertile exchange of ideas and experiences with architects of the Caribbean and AIA. She organized and led visits to working meetings with the Federation of Caribbean Architectural Associations in Cuba and Puerto Rico, while fostering the values of the Gateway Commitment in the Florida/Caribbean Region, the first and only AIA region demonstrating value by all component Boards’ signing the legendary document. She also envisioned, sponsored and led from National, the AIA’s relief efforts for Haiti in the aftermath of their devastating earthquake. Finally, she established monthly AIA regional leadership meetings, steered fiscal responsibilities and provided for a stronger, healthier and more proactive region.


Expanding the Architectural Body of Knowledge


Ms. Bourne promotes balanced opinions on the power of architecture in design, technical expertise, commitment to a better environment and the adoption of codes and regulations, is well received by colleagues and community leaders. She has consistently been featured as an effective spokesperson, regardingt architecture, entrepreneurship and women‘s leadership, by her own example. Her own built work has shown an exemplary capacity to listen to community needs and address them with tropical design solutions throughout the Caribbean.



Community Leadership

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